RavenCoin Lite

A peer to peer electronic system for the creation and transfer of assets



  • Reward of 2,500 RVL per block 
  • 30 second block time 
  • 21 billion total supply 
  • Decentralized hashrate for better safety of the network
  • No Premine

RavenCoinLite (RVL)


Initial RVC – RVL Fork

Release Date

September 01, 2021


For the community developed by the community

RavencoinLite (RVL) is driven by the community, which is fully committed to the prosperity of the RVL network. It ensures the constant use of X16R algorithm – guaranteeing equal rights of each community member to participate in block production, with increased user control and censorship resistance in issuance and governance of digital assets.

RVL Roadmap

Please note that the roadmap is subject to change. 

Phase 1 / Hard Fork (August 2021)

  • Initial RVC – RVL Fork 
  • Development on RVL Website 
  • Development/Integration of RVL Nodes 

Phase 2 / Assets (September 2021)

  • Pool Support Across Small and Major Networks Alike
  • Launch of RVL Foundation
  • Fix Data Dir Issue 
  • Acquire Exbitron Exchange Support
  • Full Website Published 
  • Beginning Stages of looking into adding a CPU Mining Algorithm for RVL

Phase 3 / Launch (October 2021)

  • Revamp of RVL Wallet (Colors, Issues, Etc)
  • Re-Enable Asset Creation (RVC Had This Disabled)
  • Update on CPU Mining Algo Progress
  • Beginning stages of looking into Mobile app Development

Phase 4 / Wallets (November 2021)

  • Beginning stages of looking into Trezor/Ledger Integration
  • Beginning stages of looking into IOS Wallet integration
  • Beginning stages of looking into Android Wallet Integration
  • Beginning stages of looking into Web Wallet Integration

Phase 5 / Campaign (December 2021)

  • CPU Algo Implementation/Status Update (if almost complete)
  • Launch of Campaign fundraiser for exchange listing. (More will be announced at a later date)
  • Acquire Bigger Exchange Support (Binance, Bittrex, etc)
  • Discussion on the X16R algo, algo change if needed caused by ASIC centralization.

Phase 6 / Longevity (January 2022)

  • Beginning stages of discussing long term improvements.
  • Beginning stages of discussing long term implementations to set RVL apart from others.
  • Look into integration of Master Nodes if wanted by the community (More on this later)
  • CPU Mining Algo fully released to the public.

Join & Follow the COmmunity

RavenCoin Lite prides itself by having a strong community. The time is now to join the RVL community. Please find the link to the RVL community channels below.